Congress excursions

The congress will include the following congress tours on Wednesday, September 28th 2022. Participation is optional, the cost is 15€/per excursion. The excursions will include outdoor activities, remember to have a look at the weather forecast before leaving for Iceland.

A) City tour. Exploring the City of Reykjavik.

B) Carbon Capture Facility tour. The Icelandic company Carbfix ( concentrates CO2 in the air and pumps it into the soil. We visit the company and get information on how it works. Each day about 30 000 tonnes of CO2 is pumped into the soil.

C) Hike in the nature. Botanical and ornithological excursion in the vicinity of Selfoss.

Post-Congress tour

A joint post-congress tour will take place on September 30 focusing on the Golden Circle. This is not a part of the official programme and is not included in the registration fee. Please note that the tours start in Reykjavik.

Here is a direct booking link to the tour provider’s website: Those who wish to join can book a place and pay directly via the tour provider. Jaana Sorvali from the organising commitee will join the tour and is available for questions. You are, of course, welcome to book any other tours that interest you as well!