Our Nordic-Baltic bonds in Agriculture

NJF was founded in September 1918 as a transnational organisation for promoting agriculture. Although not an independent country, Iceland joined as full member state on may 5th 1927. However, the bonds between Iceland and the other Nordic countries goes back for centuries.

The Solander memorable year of 2022

Daniel Solander(1733 - 1782) was born on the 19th of February, 1733 in Öjebyn, old town of Piteå, in northern Sweden and was brought up in the parsonage at Björklunda in Öjebyn. He studied botany in Uppsala for many years under the leadership of Carl von Linné. In 1759 Solander travelled to England and he soon became a respected member of the Royal Society, the English Science Academy. When captain James Cook left on his famous voyage with the Endeavour around the world on the 26th of August 1768, the Swede Daniel Solander was one of the men on board the ship. Thousands of plants and animals, especially insects were gathered, described and named by Solander during this voyage and in New Zealand and Australia there are many places named after Daniel Solander. Solander never returned to Sweden. He died at the age of 49 in England on the 13th of May 1782.

In 1772 Daniel Solander visited Iceland [add further information about this research voyage and history]

The memorial year of 2022 is special to both Iceland and the NJF and this year will celebrate Iceland being an NJF member for 95 years.  The last time we held our Congress in Iceland was in 1995, which was 27 years ago, so it is fitting that we host our 27th NJF Congress in Iceland in 2022.